Prolog for Squeak 4/5

by Stéphane Rollandin

The original Prolog

Up to version 3.7 of Squeak, it was possible to load the Prolog/V implementation by Mike Teng, ported to Squeak by Bolot Kerimbaev.

This code is still available from SqueakMap.

For newer Squeak images, a refactored version is provided here. It is almost the same, only the names of the prolog methods have been modified to allow the loading of the code. If you want to work on the original code, this is the place to start. The original documentation is v-prolog.pdf

The new Prolog

In the process of testing the original Prolog, it became clear that some improvements could easily be made. A couple of bugs were present, too, along with uncompletely implemented features. So I started hacking the code up to the point it became quite different (even not backward compatible), although it is fundamentally the same since the evaluation algorithm and core structure did not change (yet).

Here are the main points of divergence:

The Prolog GUI in Squeak 4.5
Note the usage of input/output streams in the animals game,
and the pretty-printing of the answers


The most current code is available on SqueakMap: check up the entry Prolog.
Prolog can be installed in a 3.8 or newer image (last tested on 5.2).

You can also get it here: PrologSPFA-26.sar (December 28th, 2019), although this may not be the latest version.

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