Development snapshot of a game engine for Squeak

by Stéphane Rollandin

What is this?

I am providing here a Squeak image with the current state of development of a rather ambitious and experimental game engine for real-time 2D (parallaxed top-down) adventure games.

Since this is a long-term project I am making the code available just as it currently is, warts included - there are already some nice algorithms and useful tools and data structures there, see the list below.

Link: from January 5th, 2021 (based on Squeak 5.3, 64 bits - use the suitable VM)

The image contains many extra packages from different sources. All code of mine (initials are 'spfa') is open-sourced under the MIT license.
I would just like to ask those of you that may recycle part of this back into Squeak to please change the class names, or ask me about it, so that I do not find clashing incompatible versions of my own code in future Squeak releases.

Note that the image also contains all of muO (including LambdaMessageSend and Boadebui).


That's it

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