Music composed in Squeak

Here is the page where I am shamelessly showing off.

The scores for the following original music have been composed entirely in Squeak, using the µO framework.

All audio renditions were recorded in real-time from a minimal VST host loaded with synthesizers; Squeak was emitting the incoming MIDI stream via a virtual MIDI port.

No other software was used, at all.

The compositions have been written from scratch and interactively edited in Squeak. Kudos to all Squeak developers, you made an extraordinary system.

The time required for a given piece varies from two to maybe twenty hours, which is rather fast if you ask me.

Composing this way is actually very much like improvising with an instrument; it is reactive and lively.

The one exception, here below, did not use MIDI. It has been written for Csound.

And again, entirely from a Squeak image.

It took me a full afternoon, mostly spent shaping envelopes.

Here is the Csound code; thanks to Steven Yi for the orchestra.

And since this is the page were I am showing off, here is a picture I took last summer, because I kind of feel I am more (an unjustly ignored) photographer than (an unjustly ignored) musician... .


Stéphane Rollandin,

March 2017

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