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Eshell is a shell-like command interpretor implemented in Emacs Lisp. see (Eshell)top.

Surmulot customizes Eshell and defines new commands, so that it becomes a comprehensive interface to the system. At the command line you can navigate files, buffers and directories, compose and vizualize musical data stored in muO, try soundfonts and synthesizers.

Start Eshell either via the Surmulot menu (Interaction -> Eshell) or by evaluating


Here is a list of useful commands to start with:

     surmulot -l          # list all commands defined by Surmulot
     surmulot -d          # document all commands (in dedicated buffer)
     kphrase -f           # document the string format for musical phrases
     rcanvas -f           # document the format for time signatures
     tabla -b             # list all bols known to the tabla player
     sfs -a               # list all frequently accessed Surmulot directories

Command examples

     tabla --drut dha dha thun dha dha ghin
     kphrase -pdx "/r5;acc4/ c!!,g,b2!,a3,d&."
     kphrase -dp /fractal/ ${query "musical phrase:"}
     sfs scales -l "*bohlen*"
     cat ${nth 3 ${sfs scales -l "*tet*"}}