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Getting and installing Surmulot

on Windows systems

Get the latest version of Surmulot at:

Surmulot comes with a bundled version of Csound. If you want to use you own system Csound, do M-x customize-group surmulot-always-use-system-csound and turn the option on.

Since the Keykit licence does not allow direct distribution of Keykit, if you want it you will have to download Keykit there:

This should give you a self-extracting archive; launch it and set the destination directory to the "keykit" subdirectory of Surmulot. That's it.

on Linux systems

Install Emacs, Squeak, Csound, timidity, abcmidi, audacity and sox in your system (on Ubuntu, this is easily done via apt-get)

Get the latest version of surmulot at:

Untar the archive anywhere and use any of its entry point scripts. It should work out of the box.


On both systems, you may then fine-tune many aspects of Surmulot. More about this later...

For now see see (Csound-x)Top and see (muO)Top.