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The Art.Bit demos

GeoMaestro was part of the Art.Bit Collection exhibition in Tokyo, from June 21th to August 11th, 2002

A demonstration system has been set-up for this exhibition. It is part of the GeoMaestro distribution (in the "ABDemo" folder).

To start the demo system, from the main menu select "Misc -> GeoMaestro demos".
(alternatively you may type ABDemo() at the console)

This will lead you to a front page from where you can launch the demo of your choice by clicking on the corresponding button. Each demo is a specific page with a Toy and a few comments. Starting from BASICS to ADVANCED, this should give you a taste of the music of projections.

To exit the demo, either click the [reboot] button at the top of the main page (don´t worry, it will not reboot anything actually !), or type this at the console:
(note: if you exit the demo in any other way, a couple of things will not be restored: reading a .kp page, and the TOYDIR setting, notably. If you exit KeyKit after that then it doesn´t matter)

The following documentation pages may be useful to understand what is happening in the demo system: Finally, note that the Csound demos (such as "birds") will not work if you have not installed Csound ! This is documented here.

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