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Toys Reference

The following toys are described as stand-alone tools. Check this page for an overview of what toys actually are and how they relate to the rest of the GeoMaestro system. You don´t need this to use them, but you should at least read he chapter "Using a Toy".

The documentation in this page usually consists in broad descriptions of toys behaviors. Toys are autodocumented, so for details, use the different [?] buttons. This will tell you about the meaning of specific parameters.


While regular MIDI toys work out of the box, Csound toys require that Csound is installed and properly interfaced with GeoMaestro (see this chapter for details).

The parameters that you need to have correctly defined are: CSOUNDCOMMANDLINE, SSDIR, SFDIR, WAVEEDITpath and WAVEEDIT2

The PR family

(more here later ...)


This is a Csound Toy: it generates a bird song for the Csound orchestra birds.orc by Hans Mikelson.

The projection is a simple CBox call.

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