Squeak/GeoMaestro example composition

Stéphane Rollandin

Before proceeding, please read this presentation of the GeoMaestro projection paradigm.

Above is the complete graphical interface for a self-contained composition. All represented objects are morphs, which means that you can interact with about everything that is displayed.

The musical seeds in this composition are a bunch of 6 MIDI notes, as shown in green below:

These notes are interpreted by a rather complex projector split in three parts (see the orange annotations). The part 1 is a simple Arc projector. It is convoluted with the set of points defined in part 2, which itself is convoluted along the complex big mess in the middle (part 3).

I will not go into more details here, but you may have a look at the resulting projection supports, and projections.

Below is a representation of the projections spread in time:

When the composition is evaluated (red arrow), here is what happens:
A lot of notes are not actually played by the soundfont (being out of its range) so the composition is not as dense as it may seem from the above display.

Here is the piece in OGG format:


I like it !


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