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KeyKit, the great MIDI programming langage/environment

CSound, the wonderful sound factory

TiMidity++, the fantastic MIDI to wave rendered

Hammersound, the awesome soundfonts place

Metapad, the amazing Notepad-replacement

GNU, the incredible open source people and projects

TechnoGariG, the wonderfully amazing and fantastically great while incredibly awesome music I've been improcomposing so far

More links

GeoMaestro is being developped with Emacs for Windows (using the homemade KeyKit major mode)

Scala, a powerful tuning utility for MIDI and Csound.

WaveSurfer and Audacity, two multiplatform open source sound editors

CMask, a stochastic Csound score generator

EditPadLite, another good small and fast text editor

Scilab, an open source math package very good at plotting.

Related litterature

Composing with GeoMaestro, a short introduction to the event projection idea

GeoMaestro & Csound: an introduction to the Compositor tool, a paper featured in Hans Mikelson's Csound Magazine, summer 2001 issue

GeoMaestro basic principles, a handout for the Tokyo Art.Bit exhibition, summer 2002 (there is also a Word version)

Sound and MIDI Software For Linux

It's here:, thanks to Dave Phillips

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