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Macros Reference

The following macros are all defined in lib/macros.k

Macros are keywords defined to replace a whole set of KeyKit code. Use them at the console to quickly toggle a parameter, emulate a GUI button or obtain a specific effect. Several macros can be chained by separating them with ";". This can also be used to define higher-level macros.

Macros management
GMmacros        edit lib/macros.k through the text editor
mU              #include macros.k

Main GUI
gNEW            erase the Ev scene
gDEL            delete all events in current selection
gSNARF          snarfes current ligne
gDISP(c)        same as [DISPLAY] followed by command c (a string)
gHEAR           send the current ligne to Midi Out
gKILL           kill current ligne
gREDO           compute current projection again
gOP(c)          same as [OPERATION] followed by command c (a string)

gL		remove all lignes from display, and display current ligne
gLp		display current ligne (without removing anything)

xRH             is gREDO;gHEAR                   
xRHS            is gREDO;gHEAR;gSNARF              
xRS             is gREDO;gSNARF     
xRRS            is delete RL[LastGMGUI.getcurrlin()]["proj"];gREDO;gSNARF        

xW              edit the last *.wav mix

gFLIP           change the side of the button panel
gNOI            ...not documented...
gSHOW(l)        ...not documented...
gKVALBUTT       refreshes all kvalbuttons

gFLUSH          flush the UNDO stack
gCHECKUNDO      display the UNDO stack in the text editor    

gHACK           edit the whole bunch of commands associated to the RL array
gLI(n)          returns command associated to RL[n]

xLF             LabelFlags() lib/GUIutils.k (l 109)

cE              [EVAL]
cH              [SCA]
cF              [REF]
cM              [||]
cA              [Audio]
cS              [Score]
cC              [Check]

cR              redraw the graphic area
cRR             redraw the whole compositor

cFLIP           change the side of the button panel

Parameter toggles
tSE             toggle Snarf2Ev_Replace 
tPDS            toggle PickAndDragExtremities

tF              toggle FastRedraw
tA              toggle AnimInLignes
tTA             toggle HearWithTimidity
tTW             toggle RenderAsWave
tW              toggle EditRenderedWave

tSco            toggle ShowScoreWhenSnarfed
tBox            toggle ShowPhraseInBox then redraw the graphic area
tFM             toggle FastMix
tBI             toggle DisplayBoxIndex

tSW             toggle SnarfWindowIsOn

tTL             toggle ScaleToTimeLine
tDTL            toggle DisplayTimeLineGrid

tisN            set DisplayedText to "nodur" then redraw the graphic area (as the following)
tisL            set DisplayedText = "label"
tisS1           set DisplayedText = "score"
tisS(l)         set DisplayedText = "score "+string(l)
tisI            set DisplayedText = "index"
tis0            set DisplayedText = "none"
tisC            set DisplayedText = "custom"
tisCn(n)        set DisplayedText = "custom "+string(n)

pippip          = launch_daemon_tcpip()
gTT             = [toggle] button in wrapper GUI 

xVAR            = Notepad(GVARS, 1)
xI              ...not documented...
xPN(n)          = PrintPatches(n)

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