GeoMaestro status

GeoMaestro for Keykit has not changed much in the last years. This is because I´m busy porting its main concepts, in an extended manner, in Squeak.

GeoMaestro should work fine with the latest version of Keykit (7.4d at the time of this writing): if your run into trouble, please report the problem, it will very likely be fixed.

I´m also open to suggestions for improvements and new features. So GeoMaestro for Keykit is far from being abandonned, it is simply mature and still. I use it as a tool among many over tools; please refer to this overview of my composition environment to get the full picture.

Documentation is not changing much either, so the holes you can see in it are likely to stay open for a while... again, feel free to ask me if you want more documentation or tutorials about specific points. I can also help you extend the program (remember it´s GPLed)

Since my main programming work now happens in other areas, I will probably not make important changes to GeoMaestro for Keykit any more if not requested by users or fellow programmers.

That´s why your feedback is important !


(January 10, 2006)

2014 update:

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