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Before going through these tutorials, I strongly recommend that you read the documentation
(if not all of it, at least the GUI part of it)

See also this article: Composing with GeoMaestro and this presentation

You may also play with the demonstration system to get a taste of projections-based sounds

Tutorial 1: basics
Tutorial 2: creating a hardcoded composition from the main GUI
Tutorial 3: experiments with a loop
Tutorial 4: a home-made piano-roll
Tutorial 5: playing with distortion functions
Tutorial 6: composing Csound scores
Tutorial 7: handling pistes
Tutorial 8: Compositor basics
Tutorial 9: revisiting Conway's Game of Life
Tutorial 10: the punk harp, a virtual string instrument (not done yet)
Tutorial 11: audio synthesis with GeoMaestro(to be completed)
Tutorial 12: mixing KeyKit tools in the Compositor
Tutorial 13: an example symbolic composition(not done yet)
Tutorial 14: Compositor tricks and oddities(not done yet)
Tutorial 15: a composition based on several scenes and set-ups(not done yet)
Tutorial 16: from MIDI to Csound within the compositor(not done yet)

projected events (with aliases) on a single segment (background: polar grid)

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