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Tutorial 12: mixing KeyKit tools in the Compositor

If you're just starting with the Compositor, you should first read tutorial 8.

To import a tool as a (T) box in the compositor, simply use its class name as import command. For example, wgroup imports a Group tool, wkboom2 a Kboom2 tool.

We are going to set-up the following example composition (If you feel lazy, simply import b and fetch the file in your DATA directory... you will not have to do anything but read the tutorial, although the saved "composition" is slightly different):

Here is how to proceed:

When everything is ready, set box 1 as the current box and [EVAL]uate the composition. We have the three Group tools merged, followed by 20 loops of the Kboom2 with a pitch distortion following the curve in the PB Shaper tool.

Here is my resulting phrase:

(click in the image to get the corresponding MIDI stream)

To add some more flexibility, set
NLoops = 20
... at the console, then use the EditFields plug-in to set the "ph" reference of box 4 to

Now you can try different [EVAL] by first setting NLoops at the console (try with NLoops = 4 and NLoops = 40)

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