wgraphes [main]

class wgraphes

  the Compositor tool graphic area, child of wcompositor
  its ID should be available through the variable LastGMCOMPOf
See: wcompositor
Related topics: GUI

Documented methods: 
method .killredtask()
stops the current redrawing task, if any, and returns 1 else returns 0
method .evalbox(i)
evaluate the box indexed i in the box array
See: .getboxes

method .setbox(b, sundo {, i})
defines the box indexed by i (an integer) from the array b i must be an already existing index, or the upper one plus one (which is the default if i is not given) if sundo (a string) is not "", it will be possible to [UNDO] the operation
See: .setboxes .getboxes

method .setboxes(b {, sundo})
defines the whole box structure from array b if sundo (a string) is given and not "", it will be possible to [UNDO] the operation
See: .setbox .getboxes

method .getboxes()
returns the array defining the box structure
See: .setboxes .setbox

method .importation(defstr, pos {, name})
imports a new box in the composition defstr is the string defining the box reference: the box type is automatically set from the result of the evaluation of defstr (note that Compositor_import_shortcuts() is called first of all with argument defstr) pos is the position for the new box. its format is one of the following: - an integer, interpreted as the index of an already existing box, which will be replaced by the new one - an array with fields "rx", "ry" and "nb" this will set the position of the box relatively to box nb rx and ry are expressed in local unit, not in pixels (note: if no "nb", "rx" and "ry" are relative to the 0,0 position of the boxes coordinates system. This is not a clearly defined position, but it is always kept around the already existing boxes (it is dynamically recomputed). - an array with fields "x" and "y" this directly sets the position on the screen in pixel units (the arrays can have any extra fields, they will be ignored) name is the name for the new box if the importation succeeds, returns an array ["b"=box,"i"=index] else returns nothing
See: Compositor_import_shortcuts

wgraphes [main]