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opens the text editor and displays the *.k file containing the code for the last function successfully queried by a man() call
See: man funclist functopic
Related topics: help

split_outquotes(str, reg)
similar to split(str, reg), but do not take into account double-quoted parts in str: split("1 2 \"3 4\"", " ") returns [0="1",1="2",3=""3",4="4""] while split_outquotes("1 2 \"3 4\"", " ") returns [0="1",1="2",3=""3 4""] Related topics: string array

answer 1 if Squeak is connected to its Erlang manager, else 0
See: emacsConnected
Related topics: manager

stick_to_manager ()
start a background job which automatically connect keykit to its Erlang manager when it is possible and restore the connection when it gets broken call this function from GeoPostInit() to have a solid and permanent connection to the Erlang manager
See: connect_to_manager GeoPostInit
Related topics: manager custom

strcrop(str, n)
returns string str minus its last chunk of n characters
See: strend
Related topics: string

strend(str, n)
returns the last chunk of n characters in string str
See: strcrop
Related topics: string

a GUI combining a closure, local parameters and one or more music generating algorithms depending of these parameters
See: GMclosure
Related topics: GUI

See documented methods

a window object with extra methods simplifying the display of GeoMaestro events and projections it is notably used by the main GUI and the Toys
See: wGMtoy wfenev
Related topics: GUI graphics

See documented methods

GeoMaestro wrapper tool this is a tool embedding the main GUI and the Compositor in one single object, with an extra header displaying info and a few buttons its ID should be available through the variable GMwrp
See: wev wcompositor
Related topics: GUI

the Compositor tool its ID should be available through the variable LastGMCOMPO
See: wgraphes
Related topics: GUI

graphical interpolation editor for control messages Related topics: GUI

the GeoMaestro main GUI its ID should be available through the variable LastGMGUI
See: wfenev
Related topics: GUI

the main GUI graphic area, child of wev and an instance of wGMw its ID should be available through the variable LastGMGUIf
See: wev wGMw
Related topics: GUI

See documented methods

a pop-up file browser
See: getafile GMbrowsefiles
Related topics: GUI

the Compositor tool graphic area, child of wcompositor its ID should be available through the variable LastGMCOMPOf
See: wcompositor
Related topics: GUI

See documented methods

this tool is associated to a *.kc file (which should contain KeyKit code exactly as a *.k or *.kp) the file is #included when the object is restored, or when you click on its [#include] button, or else when its .bang() method is invoked

provides all methods of window("phrase") objects, allowing a custom graphical display for all phrase windows in KeyKit
See: OverridePhraseWindowWithScore RevertToUsualPhraseWindows
Related topics: GUI custom

See documented methods

same as KeyKit xy(), only does not convert floats to integers
See: xy point

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