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return the closure ID associated to the Toy in the Compositor (T) box whose name contains "{num}" (num must be an integer here) if no such box exists, returns $-1
See: ToyID ToyBox ToyNum
Related topics: GUI programming closure compositor

GMbrowsefiles(blah, match, selectf)
a replacement for browsefiles() in pure KeyKit code not really useful for Windows, but very useful indeed for Linux
See: wfilebrowser getafile
Related topics: GUI

a closure is an object embedding a GeoMaestro scene and a comprehensive set-up of distortion functions associated to this scene it can be used as a storage for data or as a reference environment for algorithms
See: wGMtoy
Related topics: closure

See documented methods

a variation on getastr(), which opens a pop-up window at the bottom of the console instead of opening it in the middle of the Root window. main interest: only the console has to be redrawed afterwards... this makes a real difference when having an heavily charged GeoMaestro GUI so if you want this behaviour, simply set getastr = GMgetastr in your GeoPostInit() function (or at the console) here follows the original doc for getastr(): Get a line from the Console, with a prompt. None of the arguments are required - if none are given, the default values are equivalent to getastr("",""). The prompt is the prompt (is the prompt), and a line is read from the Console. If default is given, then a blank reponse will be replaced with that value. (This means that a default value of "" will permit a blank response.) If no default is given, a blank response will re-issue the prompt.
Related topics: programming GUI

GMkvalbutton(id, vals, obj, meth, ...)
... a variety of kvalbutton used by GeoMaestro GUIs its id must be a string (two buttons with the same id will be confused !) - it is fully restorable through page management, even with stripped buttons - it handles submenus if its id is registered in GM_kvalbuttons_subsep Related topics: programming

returns a list formatted to be used as an argument for RemVAR() containing all words that look like global variable name in the expression sexp (a string) ex: GVarsInExp("Yo = sin(Blouc)+log(Nipe[Zou][Yep])") returns "Yo,Blouc,Nipe,Zou,Yep,"
See: RemVAR
Related topics: programming GVARS

return 1 if the main GUI is a child of Root (the current page), else return 0
See: COMPOinpage
Related topics: GUI programming

GereHistory(str, hist {, interactiveflag {, acceptall}})
manages history arrays the command str (a string) is stored in array hist then returned except in the following specific cases: - if str is ":?" the content of hist is listed at the console - if str is "::" the last command in hist is returned - if str is ":n" the command stored in hist[n] is returned - else if str starts with ":", the following is evaluated and returned as the actual command (it is always converted to a string) the indirect invocation is stored in hist (not the actual command) if interactiveflag is set to 0, nothing is displayed at the console Note: if " are presents in str, it will not be remembered in hist (this to avoid trouble when dumping/restoring tools) you may cancel this behaviour by setting acceptall to 1 GeoMaestro history arrays are: DISP, FKK, FIF Related topics: programming GUI

.. an alias for argvlist() transforms its arguments into an array suitable for use with varg()
See: argvlist
Related topics: programming array

returns the score format: "string" (standard), "array" (numeric) or "wrong" also returns "void" if score is [0=0] all lines in the score are checked
See: GetScoreFormat NumScore WasNumScore IsNumScore
Related topics: csound

Getcomment(sco ,ln)     
returns the comment (a string) in line ln of sco
See: AddComment Uncomment
Related topics: csound

returns the path and name of the file fname (a string) ex: GetFilePN("C:\\ga\\zo\\bu\\meuh.yo") returns ["p"="C:\\ga\\zo\\bu\\","n"="meuh.yo"] (this example is for Windows, but GetFilePN makes use of the Dirseparator environment variable and thus it is system-independent) Related topics: string
See: NewExtension

GetIndex(item, arr)
returns i such that arr[i] == item does not return anything if item is not a valid item Related topics: array

returns an array containing all bank change messages in phrase ph for a given channel
See: GetPrograms GetPatches
Related topics: phrase controller

GetMarks_audiof(fname, wavname, dur)
returns the marks for an audio box (f) of duration dur referencing wavname fname is the .dat file containing the marks info if it does not exist, a .dat file based on wavname is searched for Related topics: marks

return the marks for a ligne box () referencing lig Related topics: marks

GetMarks_phrase(ph {, phlen})
return the marks for a phrase box (ph) referencing ph Related topics: marks

return marks for a score box (C) referencing sco Related topics: marks

return the marks for a silent box (-) of duration dur Related topics: marks

return the marks for a tool box (T) referencing tid Related topics: marks

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