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SwapChan(ph, ch1, ch2)
swaps the channels ch1 and ch2 in phrase ph
See: MapChan
Related topics: phrase

returns the orthogonal projection of point p on (ab) (a, b are points)
See: OProj SOPiste
Related topics: point math

Edit the text file fname by calling a custom editor through system(NOTEPAD1+FName(fname)+NOTEPAD2)
See: FName
Related topics: system

returns the angle between vector AB and horizontal ax Related topics: math point angle

returns Getpolar(p)["theta"]
See: Getpolar
Related topics: point vector angle

returns a piste from all the arguments (which are points) Related topics: piste

returns the (T) box whose name contains "{num}" (presumably a Toy) along with its index, wrapped in an array of format ["b"= box, "i"= index] if such a box does not exists, returns -1
See: ToyID GMC ToyNum
Related topics: GUI programming closure compositor

returns the ID (a $ number) of the toy in the Compositor (T) box whose name contains "{num}" (num must be an integer here) if no such box exists, returns $-1
See: GMC ToyBox ToyNum
Related topics: GUI programming closure compositor

Compositor boxes referencing a Toy usually have a number within {brackets} in their name This function returns this number: use ToyID to get the Toy ID from it. The argument may be either the box name (a string), the box index in the composition graph (an integer) or the box itself (an array)
See: ToyID ToyBox GMC
Related topics: GUI programming closure compositor

returns infos about the size of arr (an array), considered as a tree: the returned array is composed of the fields "tr": number of indexes in the trunc(s) "ex": number of indexes which are leaves (ends of the tree) "prof": depth of the tree ex: TreeInfos([0=["bof"=["yep"=[12=[1=0, ex: 1 2=0, 2 _ _ _ _ 3=[10=1, 3 tr: 1 2 3 4 _ 20=2]]]]]]) 4 5 |--|------|------|---|--| prof: 1 2 3 4 5 6 returns: ["ex"=4,"prof"=6,"tr"=5] (see above for illustration) the number of truncs is what is returned by sizeof(arr) (in this example: 1)
See: BigVAR
Related topics: array programming

TreePath(arr, tp {, val {,ps }})
convert the string tp in a tree-like path within array arr, and affect the value val to the newly created item default for val is 1 ps is the path separator character (default is ";") ex: if ExA = [] TreePath(Exa, "one;two;three") makes ExA be ["one"=["two"=["three"=1]]] a consecutive TreePath(Exa, "one;bis") makes Exa become ["one"=["bis"=1,"two"=["three"=1]]] Related topics: array string programming

TrimScore(sco, t, kf)
get rid of all lines in sco whose p2 >= t clicks (if kf is 1, tests on p2 > t) Related topics: csound

Trochoid(t, a, b)
... to be used with ParaPiste ... defines a Trochoid curve relatively to CentrePolaire: -> x = a*t-b*sin(t) -> y = a-b*cos(t)
See: ParaPiste
Related topics: piste math

A variation on typeof() giving extra information about GeoMaestro types of arrays Return values are the same as typeof(), plus: "array:[0=0]" "array:xy4" (notably segments) "array:event" "array:ligne" "array:region" "array:score" "array:piste" "array:scene" "array:point" "array:circle" Related topics: programming

returns the vector parallel to ab (with same sense) whose length is 1
See: NormV
Related topics: math vector angle

Uncomment(sco {,ln {, kflag}})  
returns sco stripped of all comments and comment lines if ln is given, only suppresses comments from line ln if kflag = 1, does not perform arraycopy, so sco is actually changed Important: check SortScore() as it is much more powerful than this !
See: AddComment GetComment
Related topics: csound

UniqVarName(root {,val {,remf}})
returns a unique variable name starting with root if val is provided, set the corresponding variable value to val if remf is 1 (default is 0), the variable is registered in GVARS
See: uniqnum Clouniqnum SetVarNamedTo RemVAR
Related topics: programming string

updates the values in GVARS for all variables in the string listvar if no argument, update values for all registered variables this function is automatically called when dumping GeoMaestro's main GUI
See: ReVAR
Related topics: GVARS

returns an upper-case translation of str Related topics: string

VBande(wid, x1, x2 {,col {,larg}})
draw a vertical ribbon of color col between x1 and x2 (GeoMaestro units) !! --> wid must be a window inheriting wGMw methods
See: HBande
Related topics: graphics GUI

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