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PolarPiste(dth, n, ...)
same as ParaPiste(0,dth,dth/float(n),...) so n is the number of points in the returned piste ex: P = PolarPiste(2*Pi, 100, Cercle, 5) is the same as P = ParaPiste(0, 2*Pi, Pi/50, Cercle, 5)
See: ParaPiste
Related topics: piste math

an alias for PATCH(...)

similar to PrintScore, only handles score in numeric format (note that scores in lignes or events are supposed to be in string format; also, PrintScore internally calls PrintNumScore when required, so you should not use this function !)
See: PrintScore
Related topics: csound

if var is a score, displays var at the console otherwise displays var["score"] at the console (so var can be a ligne, for example) Related topics: csound

PrintTextAtPoint(p, text, col)
print text (a string) at point p (a GeoMaestro point) in the GUI, with color col Related topics: GUI

ProjAgain(lig {, df})
recalculate phrase and score from the "proj" field of ligne lig, using the df set of distortion functions if provided returns an array with two fields: "ph" and "sco"

PseudoLegato(phrase, overlap {, range})
Extends the duration of each note to the start of the next note plus overlap +/- range (in clicks) Doesn't modify the duration of the last note. Does this for every channel in the phase
See: Legato

RBPiste(pA, pB, pO, dir, len {, dth})
returns a piste describing the trajectory of a ball in a billard table (if dth is not 0, the trajectory is not realistic) pA and pB are two points defining the table area pO is the starting point dir the initial direction (an angle from 0 to 2*Pi, alternatively a point) len the minimal length of the piste dth is an optional offset applied to the hitting angle before bouncing back
See: CBPiste
Related topics: piste

RCoupeStr(str, arg2 {, keepf})
CoupeStr working backward, that is: from the end of the string
See: CoupeStr
Related topics: string

RIS(str, str1, rep1 {, str2 {, rep2 {...]]])
replaces all occurences of strn in str with repn (all arguments are strings) ex: RIS("abcdefgh","a","AA","e","aa") returns "AAbcdaafg" Related topics: string

restores for all variables in the string listvar their values as registered in GVARS if no argument, restores values for all registered variables
See: UpdateVAR
Related topics: GVARS

reads a Csound score in file fname similar to ReadScore, only returns score in numeric format
See: ReadScore ReadSortedScore
Related topics: csound system

ReadScore(fname {, quickflag})
reads a Csound score in file fname if quickflag is 1, the end-of-line characters "\r" and "\n" are NOT removed (only use this if the score is intented to be immediately written back)
See: WriteScore ExScore ReadSortedScore ReadNumScore
Related topics: csound

ReadScoreHeader(fname {, quickflag})
reads the header part of a Csound score in file fname (that is, the part preceding the first i-statement in the score) if quickflag is 1, the end-of-line characters "\r" and "\n" are NOT removed Related topics: csound

reads a Csound score in file fname, after having Csound process it (the score is read from "score.srt")
See: ReadScore ReadNumScore
Related topics: csound system

read the sorted score file fname (default "score.srt") as a numeric score
See: ReadSrtScore
Related topics: csound

read the sorted score file fname (default "score.srt") as a score
See: ReadSrtNumScore
Related topics: csound

takes as argument an array such as produced by DeconLigne(), and returns the corresponding ligne
See: DeconLigne
Related topics: ligne

returns a arraylist of the global array parameters registered in RegArrParaFields (that is, from the wParam tool) and whose "TYPE" is type
See: DefParam DefArrayParameter RemoveArrayParameter
Related topics: custom

returns an array of parameterable Csound routines used by function ApplyAudioFilters() to form a DSP chain processing a wave input. this allows a (&) box to handle arbitrary processing of its "audio" field, with the help of function AudioF (format is not documented yet)
See: ApplyAudioFilters AudioF
Related topics: audio

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